Some recent engineered ventilation solution projects and products

Sigrist Design has developed engineered ventilation solutions for over 30 years and 25,000 projects.  These are just a few recent examples.

See some of the builders and consultants that have used Sigrist Design for their projects here.

This a small dust collector with rotary valve for removing waste and installed at a local manufacturer.

This dust collector has a custom built noise attenuator for the fan exhaust due to its close proximity to other buildings.

There are numerous additional options available and sizes.  Options include dust storage, filter types and removal bins, alternative materials and coatings.

Sizes vary widely and are designed for the specific application including dust particle size, dust volume and dust material types that often have a safety consideration, like coal dust, wood dust, etc.  In some cases blast panels are fitted for safety.

About our Engineering Innovation

This is a large tube axial carpark exhaust fan with aluminium fan blades and galvanised case.

Similar designs are used in smoke spill applications.

Each fan is designed to meet the specific requirements of the project.  This ensures that the performance and energy consumption are optimised.

These are galvanised tube axial fans for industrial warehouse roof ventilation.

These roof ventilation fans are designed for the required flow and pressure specifications.  Material may also vary depending on the environment and galvanised steel is typical for general industrial ventilation.

Custom designed CO2 gas extraction system in a food manufacturing facility.  Fabrication in food grade stainless steel with external fans and noise attenuation.

co2 gas extraction
extraction hoods

Industrial process fume extraction hoods with roof stacks, fans and sound attenuation.  Hoods cover high temperature fabrication operations and require controlled air flow to remove fumes and retain a safe working environment.

This is a belt drive double inlet fan with a custom built belt guard.

These fans are for moving very high volumes of air at reasonable pressures.  The pressure delivered is typically much higher than an axial fan.

This fan is specified and designed for an agricultural application.

This is a material handling fan and is designed for use with dust collectors and air based material transport.

Applications include the movement of products like wood ships, polystyrene crumbles, dust, foam pieces, agricultural products, and more.

Each fan is designed for the material to be moved and the transport pathway of ducting.  The design allows for optimum energy consumption and to minimise blockages.

Some designs include spark minimisation lining for use in explosive mixtures like wood dust, milled flour, coal dust, etc.

These are custom built explosion proof fans for industrial fume extraction.

These typically have spark proof lining and ExD rated motors for high risk fume extraction.

Typical applications include spray booths, fibreglass manufacture, etc.

Installed filter plenums for a fibreglass product manufacturer to remove dust and fumes via roof ventilation stacks.

The installed solution provided wall filter plenums, filter material retainers, stacks through the roof, fans and cowls.