Who is Sigrist Design?

Sigrist Design is a Queensland owned and operated Australian innovative ventilation, dust management and air filtration company, with its head office in Brisbane, Australia. Sigrist Design supplies ventilation and filtration solutions nationally and internationally.

Why choose Sigrist Design?

We are not part of a multi national conglomerate like our competitors Fantech and Pacific Ventilation so our profits stay in Australia.  We design products that make life easier for you as an end user or as a mechanical services contractor. Easier to instal, easier to load onto transport, easier to lift onto roof and awkward places.  We solve the problems other walk away from and we persist until it works the way you want.

Who has approved Sigrist Design products in their project?

Sigrist Design has successfully supplied fans for projects with major engineering consultants including, Wood & Grieve Engineers, BCA Consultants QLD, Lucid Consulting Australia, Cushway Blackford, Integral Group Consulting Engineers, Northrop Consulting Engineers, Stance Australia, Evolved Engineering, Building Services Engineers, Norman Disney and Young Engineers, McLintock Engineering Group, Ashburner Francis Consulting Engineers, Diametric Engineers, ADP Consulting, Meptec Consulting Engineers, PE Consulting Engineers… and many others.

What is different about Sigrist Design?

Ventilation, dust management and air filtration product innovation is the focus of the Sigrist Design. Using state of the art engineering design and manufacturing facility to produce products that are:

  • Easier to instal;
  • Easier to load and lift onto site;
  • Simple design based on customer feedback.

The team has experienced design engineers, metal fabricators, welders and site installation crews.

What products are available from Sigrist Design?

We provide the full range of air movement, dust and material handling solutions with a rapid turnaround.  The products are designed and manufactured for industrial, commercial, building and construction markets. Our team of sales specialists, workshop technicians and engineers have experienced in these fields and more than capable of tackling different and challenging design problems that lie within our diverse manufacturing capabilities.