HVAC Engineering innovation at Sigrist Design

At Sigrist Design, HVAC engineering innovation comes from listening to our customers.  This includes end users, installers, mechanical services contractors, engineering consultants, estimators and project managers.  See some of the consultants and builders we have supplied fans for major HVAC projects in Australia.

We believe that feedback is the fuel of HVAC engineering innovation.

As a locally owned business, we compete against much larger foreign owned HVAC and industrial ventilation providers, where the profits go offshore and often their ability to listen to actually your needs is hindered by corporate red tape.

These bigger operators have been selling the same basic equipment for decades with minimal improvement beyond compliance requirements.  We believe that fellow Australian owned businesses like Sigrist Design appreciate a supplier that listens to customers needs and ideas.

What we strive for is making a better solution for you as the customer.

We believe our innovation and responsiveness to customers adds value beyond just price competition.

If we can save you time, especially at today’s labour rates then the item becomes cost is less important.  The cost of the end solution is often cheaper than the face value of the individual products.

We believe the overall result you get is more important than an individual item cost.

Some of the simple innovations are:

  • being able to forklift roof fans directly to a truck with no pallet.
  • lift points designed to direct lift to a roof, leaving no pallet behind for disposal.
  • flat edges on flanges to prevent rolling on site.
  • modular design for increased flexibility and faster production to order.
  • multiple component sources to reduce supply chain challenges.