Kit Solutions


For projects and locations that have installation limitations, we can provide hvac and air movement kit solutions for your maintenance crew to install.

Utilised in challenging environments and available for clients who use their own onsite teams, our hvac and air movement kit solutions are also often used to overcome transport and logistics problems in remote locations.

Sigrist Design will fully support you with detailed instructions, clearly labelled parts and a customer service team you can call to help you with any questions you may have with the assembly and installation.  With over 30 years experience in the HVAC and air movement industry, our kit solutions have been designed for projects Australia-wide and manufactured in our Queensland facility with transport, assembly and installation as a top priority.

The Sigrist Design team have proven capabilities in designing and manufacturing high quality kit solutions for a wide range of industries.  These industries include areas such as; learning and educational facilities, government projects, hospitality and entertainment venues, high rise projects, mining, agriculture, rural projects and so much more.

Combined with our expertise and experience in kit solutions, Sigrist Design are also proud to offer services in end-to-end design, build and installation projects, customised projects for HVAC and air movement, filtration products and HVAC products and solutions, including installation and servicing.

The team are ready for your project challenges, so find out more about our HVAC and air movement kit solutions by clicking the download below or contacting us directly.

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