As an industrial gas expert, Air Liquide provides gas solutions to the food industry. Their range includes nitrogen, CO₂, oxygen and argon in various purities and mixtures designed to meet stringent and varying processes.

Their end consumer was a global food packaging business with a large meat production facility in Melbourne, Victoria. The customer required food-grade construction to remove CO₂ from a CO₂ cabinet to a ceiling space, then continue through the roofline to a waterproof discharge cowling. Air Liquide engaged Sigrist Design to assist them in developing a customised solution.

The customer could not risk condensation within the ceiling cavity. Complete control of the fan speed and pressure was required, with the finished product needing to comply with government regulations. To further complicate the situation, the intake control could not come into contact with the cabinet.

a complete design & construct solution

Sigrist Design solved the critical ‘non-contact’ required by engineering a floating system that allowed CO₂ removal without any physical contact to the CO₂ cabinet.  Our team built all construction elements below the ceiling space from grade 304 stainless steel to comply with food-grade standards.Where the ductwork penetrated the ceiling space, the construction material transitioned to insulated galvanised steel.  An adjustable warm air intake was added prior to the exhaust fan to eliminate condensation. An additional protective measure was the installation of an SDF centrifugal fan with a stainless steel drip tray to the ceiling space.Structural integrity was ensured through reinforcement where the ducting penetrated through to the cowl. A variable speed drive was used to control the fan in conjunction with a pressure sensor. All construction complied with hygiene and food-grade standards.Our experienced team completed the installation and commissioning within a time-critical window of maintenance allowance that the customer had, ensuring no production downtime.

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As providers of high quality ductwork and ancillary HVAC products, our Air Liquide solution meant that ductwork for the project was site ready for installation.

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Engineered Solutions

Our in-house team of sales specialists, engineers and workshop technicians are experts in customised projects. Our team listened to our clients needs and ensured that their objectives and strict design requirements were met.

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