Filtration Products


To achieve optimal efficiency and reliability out of your HVAC equipment, filtration products need to be cleaned and replaced as part of a regular servicing program.

An air filter is an essential yet often overlooked component of a healthy HVAC system. This lightweight barrier traps dust, allergens and other particles from entering the air, creating better air quality for our health.  This reduces the risk of mould, bacteria, allergic reactions and associated health issues.
Our filtration products also assist in improving equipment lifespan, minimising the need for repairs.  Efficient equipment will also reduce any higher energy costs associated with dirty air filters that are forced to work overtime due to stifled air circulation.
Sigrist Design supplies a wide range of filters for HVAC, industrial, commercial and construction applications.  We manufacture to custom design specifications and for a wide range of dimensions for ventilation applications.
Our team can help you establish a maintenance program to ensure your filtration products are received on a frequency determined by your operational needs.  This ensures you reduce the risk of downtime due to clogged filters or delayed replacement filters.
The Sigrist Design team have proven capabilities in filtration products for a wide range of industries.  These industries include areas such as; learning and educational facilities, government projects, hospitality and entertainment venues, commercial offices, apartments and residential high rise projects, mining, agriculture, rural projects and so much more.

Combined with our expertise and experience in filtration products, Sigrist Design are also proud to offer services in end-to-end design, build and installation projects, kit solutions, customised projects and HVAC products and solutions.

The team are ready for your project challenges.  Find out more by clicking the download below or contact us directly.

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