Woolworths Maleny Solution

The Solution

Real Pet Food required a ventilation solution for their pet food processing facility.  The humid environment and odorous meat products meant the system needed to discharge the smell away from the factory. This needed to be achieved without permeating the surrounding suburb and factories.

A solution was designed to discharge the heat and odour higher into the atmosphere. Moving the humidity and smell well above the facility to disperse into the atmosphere.

As a food processing facility all equipment also had to be made of stainless steel and meet stringent food processing factory requirements.  The framework and guard wires needed to hold the equipment in place in all weather.  The previous design proposed digging through a concrete wall to reinforce the equipment, requiring approval by a structural engineer.

The option of digging through concrete, in an area that contained a prevalent water source, which would then need to be reinforced would be a costly and time consuming solution.

The Sigrist Design engineering team re-submitted a steel work solution that avoided the concrete option, which would retain the integrity of the building design whilst meeting the ventilation requirements.

Woolworths Maleny The Outcome

The Outcome

With the team’s experience and expertise, the resubmitted solution recommended fixing structural steel work to the building, keeping with the integrity of the existing façade.  This option would avoid drilling and digging through the concrete wall and interfering with the water source.

The project consultant and structural engineer signed off on the design.  Our vertical discharge fans for the roof contained ductwork that could discharge 15 metres above the fans, well into the atmosphere.

All stainless steel equipment was fixed to the building using stainless steel guy wires. This saved the client time and money whilst providing a ventilation solution that met the brief for this unique food processing facility.

Now installed and operating perfectly, we are proud to have been part of this project with Real Pet Foods.

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