Air Purifiers and Air Purification


Air purifiers are most commonly added to an existing building using an in-duct solution.  An air purification solution that is low cost and minimal maintenance is the most popular in Australia (see case studies below).

Air purifiers that generate continuous Hydrogen Peroxide vapour in small quantities are believed to be the most effective, lowest cost and with minimal maintenance.

Exposure to mould spores, viruses and chemical odours (VoCs) are the primary risk.  This air purification is also effective against pollen, dust and bacteria.

The cost of staff illness in Australia was around $35 billion in 2019.  That is not including students being absent for 10% of their school days due to illness.

How does an Air Purifier work?

The air stream passes over an activated ceramic catalyst that generates hydrogen peroxide molecules.  This safe and effective technology is how the sun purifies the air outside.  This is killing the germs and deactivating odours, not collecting them like a filter.

Catalytic unit for insertion into a duct air flow

Can this be added to your air conditioning?

Yes.  These products are designed to be added to domestic or commercial air systems and air handling units.  

Multiple units can be added to match the airflow requirements.  Installations include supermarkets, hospitals, universities, schools, houses, etc…

Retrofit to a split system air conditioning unit
Split systems air conditioning with air purifier added

How do I know it will work?

These air purifiers have been extensively tested and are supported by real science.

Over 4 million air purifiers has been installed in government, health care, education, residential and commercial situations.

The scientific testing includes:

  • ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)
  • EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
  • FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration)
  • Kansas State University
  • Midwest Research Institute
  • California Microbiology Center

As an example this EPA test result for viruses demonstrates the technology effectiveness.

Air Purification case studies demonstrating effectiveness and performance.

Sigrist Design is an authorised reseller of RGF products in Australia.  As an engineering innovator we have selected RGF products as best in class for air purification.  RGF products are made in the United States.