Latest updates from Sigrist Design, solving your problems in ventilation and dust management

Warehouse ventilation fans will solve your warehouse cooling problems

Getting the right warehouse ventilation fans is a common issue for maintaining a safe working environment.  Choosing the right fan for your specific situation is important for getting the right result and minimising the energy consumption.

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Reverse Jet Dust Collector
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Dust collection installations and servicing

Sigrist Design has been designing, building and installing dust collectors for over 30 years across a vast array of industries like wood machining, mining, leather processing, rubber manufacture, glass manufacture, metal foundries, and more.

Industrial fan and ducting manufacture, fan installation and servicing

Sigrist Design designs, manufactures and installs industrial fans and ducting across a wide array of applications and industries.  These include CO2 and N2 cooling ventialtion for food manufacture, stannic chloride management for glass manufacture, fume and dust exhaust for fibreglass manufacturing and spray booth fans to name a few…

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