Our M-series centrifugal material handling fans are the heavy duty solution for dealing with difficult conditions and abrasive air streams.

Sporting a robust radial impeller, a thick metal case and a powerful direct drive motor, our M-series fans have been used in:

  • Wood working factories,
  • Rubber processing plants,
  • Recycling industries,
  • Glass manufacturing industries, and
  • Sugar cane processing plants.

Our range starts at 5.5 kW, and extends to 30 kW in power, meaning we’re likely to have a fan to suit your application.

Material Handling Fan Performance Curves

Power Specifications:
Model kW Amps (full load) Volts Motor Phase Motor Pole RPM
M-09 5.5 10.25 415 3 2 2951
M-19 18.5 33.2 415 3 4 1480
M-21 30.0 50.5 415 3 4 1480

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