Sigrist Design manufactures a series of high efficiency, heavy duty dust collectors.  Equipped with durable extended service filters (ESF) and a range of powerful SDF centrifugal fans, our units are versatile and reliable.

To ensure longevity our units come with a compressed air filter clearing system, comprised of a digital control timer and high pressure solenoids. These blast a jet of compressed air back across the filters periodically to prevent material build up.

Units come in four standard sizes and can be configured to suit a rotary valve, a dust container, silo or custom machinery upon request


Contact out sales team at Sigrist Design to order replacement parts and servicing for your dust collector. This may include:

  • Replacement filters,
  • Replacement solenoids, valves and fittings,
  • Replacement body components,
  • Replacement of electronics and digital control.

Model Naming Convention: E.g. SD-1000-09-D-ESF-SDF 3-ASigrist Design Australian Made and Owned

  1. SD – Sigrist Design,
  2. 1000 or 2000 – Length of filters,
  3. 09 or 16 – No. of filters,
  4. R – Rotary valve or D – Dust Container,
  5. S – Silo unit without hopper,
  6. ESF – Extended Surface Filter,
  7. SDF 3 to SDF 20 – Size of fan,
  8. A – Acoustic attenuation.

Reverse Jet Dust Collectors


Reverse Jet Dust Collectors